FIFFLA is now Filipino Film Fest LA (FFFLA)

FIFFLA is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing films mainly from the Philippines to Los Angeles in order to raise global awareness of this new renaissance of film-making that the country is currently experiencing.  With a new breed of talented filmmakers, writers, producers, and actors who are working collectively to create these films for the world to see, we will be showcasing great films from the past as well as newer films from the present to give you a glimpse of where the future of Philippine cinema is heading.

Since this is our first year, we are trying to find a way to best represent Philippine cinema to the fullest.  We wanted a film festival in the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” solely devoted to Filipino films and Filipino talent.  The films chosen are an eclectic view of what we represent and offer to the world.  It is an insight to our diverse culture, history and country.  It is a testament of all things that we as a community go through day to day.  FIFFLA promises to deliver Philippine cinema that is rarely seen and that is thought provoking and inspirational.


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